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that's it for the b. the dow, the final bell is ringing now. up a more than 100 pointsment down off the session highs and well above 148. could 15 be in the future? neil cavuto next. >> back on the. >> back to business as usual? faa scares, then scores. and we're the ones just waiting. they're gleeful. we're supposed to be grateful? >> neil: welcome everybody. i'm neil cavuto. shriekiess airplane wheel gets the frees because after all the fits they're putting the controllers back to work. never mine the faa didn't have to start with cutting vital personnel like controllers to begin with. we're wondering right now what, if anything, the faa did cut instead?
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to michelle on a classic case of, government sequestration manipulation. this is incredible. >> it really is. taxpayers, and particularly travelers, should be completely up in arms about this entire stunt last week. you had the deliberate furloughing of these air traffic controllers, to create and manufacture the most deliberate amount of pain and punishing the people who are just trying to do their jobs and get by and fly while washington, as you say, engages in more business as usual. delaying, and putting off and procrastinating, the kind of hard adult decisions that we have been crying for, for years. while engaging in this time honored -- i think it's been half century now -- iterations of washington monument to these.
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>> neil: my biggest worry isn't so much whether the controllers are back or not. because i think that was -- like you said, a little drama more than anything else. what are they going to cut? >> in fact if you look at the numbers, the post-sequester budget of the faa it much bigger than it has been over the last six years and even beggar than what obama requested presequester. where are the rational decisions being made about -- and any kind of discretion being exercised to make tough cuts. no, instead you put those air traffic controllers out there as a stunt and you had all these stunt clowns wining out out, particularly at 1600 pennsylvania avenue -- >> neil: it worked. it worked. right?
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>> i don't know. >> neil: a number of republicans think we don't want to touch this hot piece of coal, so they had to find a way around it without get anything guarantees what would be cut and says something in general about cuts in general. sloppy and inelegant as it was, gets this much outcry, what happens when we have to put the pedal to the the real metal. >> it was a pr bomb, dud, and i you look at the polling results, people understand that the blame does not lie on republicans for this. this was completely manufactured and fabricated by the white house itself. people understand that. and i think that's a step in the right direction, don't you, neil? neil: how would they tell the difference in airports? you either wait very long time or not quite as long as a long time. how would you distinguish?
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>> yeah. i -- well, hopefully, informing people about all of the politics behind it, and remember, it isn't just travelers that were arite raitt about this. it was faa whistle blowers themselves who brought to the table -- this is in the "wall street journal --" they understood their own union leaders were urging these pain-inflicting stunt cuts, kabuki cuts to be made, instead of the budget tightening we should be seeing. >> neil: amazing. thank you very much. >> you bet. >> neil: but does clear to fly mean clear to fly right away? what did you notice, mark? >> today is much better than last week. we're seeing some defleas new york and philadelphia, 30 minutes to an hour due to low clouds and insome delays headed into florida due to thunderstorms on the
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florida-georgia border. other than that it's looking good across the country. >> neil: given the number of controllers going to be furloughed, i talked to many airline industry experts who say the impact was disproportionate even to the number of controllers getting laid is that >> we did see significant delays last week. a typical week, probably see many 20,000 delays due to weather and airline staffing std eek we saw 35,000 delays so certainly a big rise in the number of delays, and most of it due to staffing. >> neil: when you see staffing. fewer controllers doing more of the work. >> exactly. inimpacted staffing at the airports, the controllers getting airplanes on and off the runway, as well as the air space when the airplanes are cruising at 35,000 fees, there's only so
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many airlines one controller can handle. >> neil: all right. doesn't add up to me but it what it is. mark, thank you very-very much. >> we want to take a look at the markets today. closing in on 15,000, the dow, not good enough for a regard but i believe for the s&p today it was close, if not a record. meanwhile, a lot of this fueled by better than expected earnings but ironically what we were discussing in just that prior segment there. the debt, while it's still really bad, this marks the first time in six years the u.s. is going to make an effort to pay off a little chunk of it. in the latest period the president expects to pay off $35 billion worth of that debt, north of $16.8 trillion, in the fiscal third quarter, compared to an earlier projection of borrowing $103 billion. the fact this is the first time we are trying to pay off the
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>> neil: we'll show you this.
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>> going to be safe for any reason but it happens. take my kid away from me. >> neil: the very presence of the boston bomber's mother on daily and nightly news cavity, vexing to viewers in general, but a lot of you quickly tired of her rants. one group in particular. the relatives of those who died in boston are tiring even more that the media lets her. my next guest knows the feeling very, very well. he lost a brother in pan am flight 103, the big bombing over scotland in 1988, an take soon linked to moammar gadhafi, whose constant antics went on for years. talk about rubbing salt in a lot of wounds. reminded this loved one what he
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lost bought of gadhafi's orders back then. burt's brother tom died in that pan am bombing. burt, i was thinking, as we all were, got to get you on because you spoke to a lot about dealing in the face of craziness, and then the media's obsession with the craziness. and now you see the suspect's mother on tv, initially appearing as a sympathetic figure. you're getting déjà vu. >> no question. you can see the example i would give is your neighbor. told the next door neighbor killed somebody. you say, i can't believe this. such a nice person. then you get over that quick and realize, what did he do? this was a grieving mother, even when i was watching it, reliving what took place with my brother and 259 other people. burt then the mother was doing
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too much, and my experience over the 25 years is that, what's going on here? and now what do we find out? she's been arrested for shoplift examining now the russians finally say they have an audiotape with her talking to her son about jihad, and you say, wait a minute. she is as much involved in this as her two sons. so stop the nonsense and now let's get to the truth. >> neil: whether we know we fine out that to be true, the media starts out with a sympathetic portrayal, and the mother wants to know why one son is dead and the other clinging to life. then we realize we're missing a lot of key information. how did that play out in lockerbie? very quickly, discovered it could be a terrorist attack and quickly drawing links to libya throughout gadhafi protesting, not me, and then later on
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boasting how badly the u.s. was hit. >> no question. i was in lockerbie the first ten days to identify my brother, and on the third day they announced it was a bombing. and then i found myself in national, international intrigue, like a tom clancy novel, and we had a draw from our government about the truth regarding airport airline security, regarding state-sponsored terrorism had to force our government, and that's what the families in boston, the right thing there and the appropriate way they're trying to honor these loved ones, and more importantly, neil, the individuals that lost their limbs. these people are going to have to get on with their lives. they're going to have difficulty, six months, year, two years from now, because they're going to live with that every day for the rest of their lives, they were in whole and with this idiotic bombing, complete completely lost their limbs, and there's got to be issues that have to be taken care of there. persistence and perseverance
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will work. i'm angered with our politicians. the comments they make. >> neil: like what? >> schumer saying i support the fbi. however i think they dropped the ball. peter king saying, this is a failure. and you get john mccain and lindsey graham. they must be a vaudeville act. now they want to go after syria. last time i checked there were no americans killed in syria. where is great britain and germany and russia? >> you feel the western world is dropping the ball, because to mccain's point, they're siting the case of syria's president assad using chemical weapon on his people. you have been a victim of terrorist. your brother died in a terrorist act. are you saying that the constant eye for an eye goes too far? >> no. what i'm saying in our case, we had 189 americans blown out of the air at 31,000 feet and it took us almost ten years to get our government to do what was
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right. we did ask for military action if it was connected to state-sponsored terrorism. now we have a situation where we made a mistake in iraq, looks like. we're war weary in afghanistan what we have gone through. now we have a syrian issue. i think president obama handled the libyan situation perfectly. an international coalition. >> so you're glad gadhafi is gone. >> no question. that was the greatest day of this 25, year odyssey for me, and i just hope that the boston family gets the true justice they need and just making sure everything has been done properly. >> neil: what it this extended beyond the two brothers to areas beyond. how far does the net go? >> i do remember, when i met with president bush 41, in 1989 in the oval office and he said if this is traced to state sponsored terrorism and
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involvement of a government we will react militarily, and when got a trace of state sponsored terrorism, nothing took place because of oil. that's the fact. and if this is traced to state-sponsored terrorism, then there has to be something done because americans have been killed by leaders of another country. i have been a supporter of that. so you do have to examine it. we have to give time for them to come out are with the information and then you have to stay on top of it because there's a lot of anymore in any government, ours or any other, that would like to see these go away. >> neil: you draw the line in creating a lot more deaths for deaths? >> in the case of state-sponsored terrorism. in this case, what we have right now, it looks like two young people that were radicalized and many the mother involved, and you might have another connection. you have to follow the dots. if it follows back to state-sponsor erred terrorism, that has to be dealt with. >> neil: what it is state
1:18 pm
sponsored terrorism. independent cells all over the country. the i would not be a sporter of going at this particular point for military action, and unfortunately, we seem to be moving that this could become more of the way of our lives. let me be veer career. this was the first attempt that succeeded since 9/11. our country has done a phenomenal job, and anybody that would be critical of our country it's me in stopping up told amounts of attacks they have been able to take care of. i heard a politician saying, they only have to be right once. we can never be wrong. that is not the real world. eventually they keep trying enough, it's going to happen. so we have to stay on top of it and we have to be per sis extent, and i think we are doing that. '. >> neil: burt, you lost your brother in the first real notable terrorist attack. from there we went on to the first world trade center bombing in 1993, then the uss cole, 9/11 so many incidents here and abroad since. do you think we'll ever be over
1:19 pm
this? >> no. you take this your whole life. you think about it ever day and move on. but i'll never forget what john walsh said to me. i met with him private limit he said you're right on everything you're doing but you're not going to get anything unless there's another terrorist attack where a lot of americans get killed. if a lot get killed our government will have to respond. if it's only a few they never willing and just the instance departments you talked about, the first world trade center, six or seven people. you tack about the cole, maybe a hundred. but as soon as the second world trade center, 9/11, took place, the very next day, the politicians that were fighting us on airport airline security immediately say we have to implement airport airplane security. so there's a connection to a lot of deaths and unfortunately money. and that's something you have to always be cognizant of. >> neil: burt, we have to quit
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>> neil: remember when food stamps were the truly needy? never mind how it got to the point that nearly 15 million fit that description and a lot of them might not be country. forget who it using them. one republican wants to know what they're being used for. and charles payne says taxpayers won't like what they hear. >> it's time to be honest about this, time to be honest about the wasteful use of the food stamp program and all the other programs out there. parents buying their kids potato ships for dinner. that's a tremendous amount of fraud and abuse.
1:24 pm
and the bottom line is, taxpayers need to understand why -- what their money is being used for, and here's the irony of it. the way it's being used, ultimately you have to spend more money on the same people who need benefits because of obesity problems. a lot of junk food. >> neil: potato chips and snacks, find ways to get liquor. the question is, how do you rein it in and you argue the genuinely poor than those who say -- some say you're ary cyst. >> you get the racist aspect of it. >> how do you feel about that? >> if you want to talk about realistically, people who get sucked into these programs are the ultimate victims. it not people who want to take them off these program. i remember when bill clinton was getting the business from this with the welfare reform. and i thought -- i was amazed, really thrilled, because i have
1:25 pm
seen so many people born in this country with an amazing amount of god-given talent but never get a chance to insurgent tour it or tap it because they're caught in this comfort situation with the food stamps and welfare and earned tax credit. >> neil: you grew up in harlem. >> right. >> neil: you wanted to make something of yourself but you told me one time, you become part of that system. you become a victim of it. what did you mean? >> if you start out, particularly at a younger point, you're told this is something you deserve, you cannot evolve. it's hard to evolve out of that if you don't really understand the alternatives, and the people around you are saying, the guys that want to take it from you are bad people. but here's the thing. the news item out of italy today , they can't find 6,000 pizza makers. there's a pizza maker shortage in italy because there's a welfare crisis. the south you have -- it's crazy. they would rather stay on welfare in italy than make
1:26 pm
pizzas. so it happens in every country and let's forget about the racial aspect. if you love someone you try to get them off food stamps. if you love people you try to get them off welfare, not to mention poverty more comfortable with extra benefits and extra cell phones but force people to get off of it. to break -- up lock the amazing potential that god gave them. and that the mistake we're making in this country. >> neil: remind me never to argue with you. >> thanks a lot. >> neil: you thought this guy was kidding? turns out this kid was serious. 23-year-old ron myer really is running for congress, fed up with the mess in washington and the debt the politicians are dumping on young folks' laps so he is announcing it first here on "your world. " ron, you have an uphill battle they say in a district that is held by a democratic incumbent
1:27 pm
who barely won but who many argue has gotten a strong lock on that. you disagree. >> i totally disagree. we have to take a fresh message to people. last election the guy i'm running against won the youth vote overwhelmingly, and we have to take a new message to young people and the country. the reason why i'm running for congress is because washington is kicking and punking -- punching the debt to younger generations and if they're punting the problems to the young americans, it's time for a young american to lead now. and if we take the message into federal workers and say, look at the projections, look at how fast the interest payments alone are growing, we're going to have to pay for this somehow and if you want to keep your job as a federal worker, keep your mention, you have to help us balance the budget. >> neil: all right. we called congressman connally to come on, but a lot of folks
1:28 pm
supporting you, the former congressman, john davis, republican, former congressman, arthur davis, democrat who became a republican. the only announced republican in the race thus far. but you have to be 25 to be in congress. so you -- you would be 25 by the time you would, you hope, win and be sworny. >> unlike the folks in washington i enjoy reading the constitution and i understand the age requirement. i'll turn 25 september 28th september 28th before the election, and as you'll know, joe biden won at age 29 to be a senator so you only have to reach your legal age before your sworn in and i will be 25 before that time. >> neil: i don't know using gobioids buy as an example is advancing your cause. there are lot of folks interested in the race. how will you differentiate yourself besides being the youngest?
1:29 pm
>> i think we have to send someone to washington with a different life experience, that understands only three in ten americans under 30 have fulltime work. only half of college graduates are even getting a chance at finding jobs. half of them are underemployed and they're getting $30,000 in debt when they leave college. so way have a great youth depression going on. we haven't seen these unemployment levels since the great depression and no one in d.c. is talking about it. thick we have to send someone with a unique set of skills and life experiences that can articulate the problems in the country. shouldn't just be focusing on gun control and immigration. we have an unemployment cries and we wave to use reaganary roo economic -- reagan era politics. youth up employment been lessened under the reagan term. and we need those poll citizen d.c. and i don't think any other candidate is offering that, especially in this district.
1:30 pm
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>> neil: this just in. it's not bashir assad who has backed us up against the wall. obama did, too. we have the proof the syrians
1:34 pm
used chemical weapons on its own people. >> well, neil, i'm told it is really the the president's hands. many feel he pained himself into a corner talking about the red line and now the white house and pentagon are buying time. >> the unites nations has a team ready to deploy to syria within 24 to 48 hours. if assad allows that team in. >> we are continuing to assess what happened. i think we should wait to get the facts before we make any judgments on what action, if any, should be taken and what kind of action. >> there are approximately 13 chemical weapons facilities with 40 other mobile chemical weapons sites scattered crossroad -- across syria. no one knows the status of the bombs. the pentagon does not want to bomb the chemical weapon sites from the air because of the
1:35 pm
potential they could create a chemical crowd that could migrate over jordan, israel, and lebanon. le. >> neil: meanwhile, you don't need to put troops in harm's way when a identify targeted missiles could send plenty of harm the syrian's way. >> i don't think you want to fire anything at some of those chemical weapon sites but there are other military sites and regime related sites you can throw things at to get their attention and let them know you're thinking about more serious options. you can fire command and control facilities, fire at antiaircraft facilities, fire at communications facilities. you can do a range of things without putting any u.s. forces
1:36 pm
at harm and clearly sending a message that we're getting closer to do something more serious. >> neil: what has made this more serious, using chemical weapon against your people, understand. but there are so many rogue regimes around the world that kill their people. the means might be in dispute but they kill them. so when and how do we pick and choose who we go after? >> i like your question because the president is the one who picked and chose. he came up with the red line, and senator lindsey graham said to make sure it's really a red line, not a dotted line. syria has represented a threat to us for many, many years. we don't even have to talk about the number of american men and women, servicemen and women, killed in iraq thanks directly to sierra. pan am 103, you had agaves talking about that. the marine corps building. and they're next to our closest ally. >> neil: the bottom line, you're
1:37 pm
saying, you don't want to risk going afterle where the chemical piles might be but ather military key installations and the like. risking what would be an escalation 0 put it mildly and one that might encourages to jump in on the other side. right? >> exactly, neil. i think an option besides firing missiles is to aline ourselves actively, openly, aggressively, with some of the resistant movements. we need to pick which one we want to see win and the one we book -- >> neil: ought to win because we had a bad time judging in egypt. >> that's right. and there has to be somebody who is really prodemocracy, prowell, and for peace in the middle east, and if we would grab on to that group 0, create one, we would have a better chance of having an outcome we all liked. >> neil: speaking of the subject tonight, ron paul ills -- is
1:38 pm
getting into it. he says we can't afford to not get involved in syria. not only are we broke, ron paul says we're sending the wrong message the opens of the colonel. >> i thought this guy was playing with the new york jets who knew he was praying to get off the jets, because tebow's brothers have been answered. i'm not so sure about the jets. clients are always learning more
1:39 pm
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now the jets are messing with god because to hear tim tebow's loyal fans tell it the jets better say their prayers pause the just crossed off their best odds of getting in the superbell. this is one of the quickest blunders. so the hiring and firing of a man, at least tebow believers insist was on a mission from god. his mission failed. >> well, if that's the way you want to look at it, that's fine. to me there are two culprits. one, the broncos. elway, it's clear, never liked tebow, which was strange because when he took over. >> neil: got them to the playoffs. >> won 6-7 and beat the steelers. >> then the got peyton man. >> got to get out of here. i want peyton manning. so then he is traded to the
1:43 pm
jets, which is great, but they never used him. >> neil: why didn't they? >> i don't know if it was the money, because they owed 20 million to sanchez. you can't have a guy at $20 million sitting on the bench,. >> neil: why bring him in the first place? >> a great question. i think that was tannenbaum who did it. rex ryan had to say okay. but not to use him, really, it was criminal. >> neil: now the jets have 78 quarterbacks? >> they have five quarterbacks. >> neil: this new guy from west virginia. >> geno smith,. >> a threat to sanchez. >> he is. sanchez was horrible. 132001s, 18 interceptions? what kind of ratio is that. >> neil: where does tebow go? >> the question is -- apparently they tried to trait him and the were no takers. now, the canadian football league i think would be ideal for him. it's a larger field.
1:44 pm
>> neil: seems such a comedown. >> well, joe teseman -- joe theismann and warren moon played there the field is 65 yards why instead of 5-1/3 like the nfl. the fact is this guy 'twas a runner. he still holds the southeast conference record for touchdowns. >> neil: don't they think they robbed him, a young guy, of one of the best years of his playing life? >> absolutely. it was nonsensical. no reason at all. some people say, well, maybe they tide it for the publicity so they can take the headlines in new york away from the giants. if that was the reason come on. they -- you know what? the real crowning blow was when sanchez was so bad they started greg mcle roy against the bills. so mcilroy goes 5-27 years and
1:45 pm
named the mvp of the game. first guy in history to throw for 29 yards and be the mvp. >> neil: don't think he ever played another game. >> he played against the chargers in the last game. but for them not to start him then, tebow, see what he can do -- >> neil: stolen moments. mean while, your putting up with ims and everything else? [laughter] >> neil: a sea of question marks. >> listen, the guy hired me again. sure. i'm indebted to him. >> neil: great show. give them my love and hope he gets over the problems he has been having. >> i know your sympathetic. >> neil: sending him some jetblue schedules. you're one of the best
1:46 pm
sportscasters in america. meanwhile, off-duty ask drunk. nothing do with imus. now this guy is off his job and done. the cop who is suing the lawyers on whether he has a snowball's chance in hell of winning. [ male announcer ] with free package pickup from the united states postal service a small jam maker can ship like a big business. just go online to pay, print and have your packages picked up for free. we'll do the rest. ♪ but we can still help you see your big picture. with the fidelity guided portfolio summary, you choose which accounts to track
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>> neil: lit up and let go. a former police officer was fired for driving drunk in an unmarked police car while off-duty. now suing the city for $6 million, claiming it never took into account his disability, alcoholism. legal eagles. does he have a case? >> he does. alcoholism meets the definition of a disability under the americans with disables able so
1:50 pm
employers have to provide reasonable accommodation colorado employees. you can't just terminate one because he -- it was a one-car crash, and he did plead guilty. he went to treatment, is goinged as an alcoholic and has been sober for 818 days. he said his employers did not do anything to help hem, even though he has helped himself and is a sober individual. >> neil: what do you think of it? >> that's not how the ada works. alcoholism is recognizes as a disable in the ada, but a drunk are driving cop who gets into a car extent and say you can't terminate me because i suffer from alcoholism. he only did that after the fact. there are no reports that say there was anything before the fact. he went -- it would have made a
1:51 pm
difference. he was terminated and then he said, while he was in treatment, he was inpatient treatment, which his employer allowed him to attend which is in -- that is legal under the ada. that's what the employer has to do. >> neil: a different standard a police officer? >> a police officer is never offdutiy. you're talk can about an officer two took full responsibility -- >> neil: i'm not piling on but there's a higher expectation for a police officer, someone who stops people for this. >> neil, when we was stopped, he refused to take a sobriety test. again, that fares below the conduct of a police officer. that's not the standard we have of member who is supposed to protect and serve. this person endangered the public, and that's what the employer had to weigh in terminating him. the problem is given this issue
1:52 pm
he has, he can do it again, and next time he can run someone over and then what does the police department say then? >> i think he made a huge mistake here and i not t to not take responsibility for his actions. he was absolutely wrong, and he has admitted to doing that. he is saying, let me tone, let me have -- even if it's a desk job let me do something. should his entire entire lifelye taken away? >> should a person be able to carry a firearm? he carries a firearm. >> he was sober two years, i think he has a great argument here. >> every right to fire him. >> neil: we don't know. right? bottom line, we don't know. but for now, the suit goes on. see how it goes. i'm kidding. i want you to represent me. you have impossible cases. you want to know how to get a job?
1:53 pm
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i heard of texting your buddy after a job interview, but during it? don't laugh. that's one of the dumb thing executives relayed 20* usa today. it is more common than you would think and more stupid than you could imagine. forget starting your you career. college grads can't even get
1:57 pm
out of the gate because no matter the college, many of the grads don't appear so much as a clue. and it is not just the texter. some even take calls in interviews, dress inappropriately for the interviews and have little or nothing to say during the interviews. it has gotten to the point that the hr policy association wants a website to advise would be job seekers on simple don't do's. monica crowellly says not for a second. >> neil, this will be the collapse of the great american super power. the fact that we have now a couple of generations that can't seem to construct a sentence, use grammar properly and know what is appropriate behavior when you are sitting with people of authority, people who may actually offer you a job. it is outrageous. this is what we are as a culture. we have generation y and generation z. they speak in hash tags. it is the language of twitter and they don't know how to
1:58 pm
communicate properly. >> a lot of things upset me when interviewing. being late. from you late i won't see you. done. another is if you haven't researched the organization that you are talking to. a lot of people say neil, i love you every day. i watch you at noon. i think well what part of the world are you in that you are watching me at noon? that is one area of idiocy to go to the point of texting in an interview and talking on the phone during an interview. >> well it is incredibly rude. how far in the interview do you think you will go when you are not giving the one to one personal contact. >> here is what i get from a lot of kids. >> and what would you do if i am sitting here in this interview and i whip out my blackberry and i will be right
1:59 pm
with you. that's the kind of behavior we are you can taying about. that's the kind of behavior we are talking about. >> it is stupid. i agree with you. these are decent kids. i don't think they are bad people. but what has happened? did this somehow slip through the cracks? >> my mother would kick my butt. she raised me to exhibit proper behavior especially in those kinds of situations. it leads to a bigger issue which is a sense of entitlement. you owe me a job. i am doing you a favor by sitting here in front of you offering you my array of great talents. it is a bigger problem this sense of entitlement that a lot of younger folks have. i have a friend who was interviewing somebody to be a producer on a radio show. the interview happened in late act. she wanted -- in late octob want in early december.
2:00 pm
he said great, i want to help you out. i dig this job. but i want you to know i am taking six weeks off in december to go snowboarding so i am not available. so then there is this i am doing you a favor. >> you're not, kids, you're not. hello. i am greg gutfeld with kimberly, bob beckle and easy bake oven for meth. it is 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." exploring the brotherly bond. that was the title of another cnn segment on the bombers. it had more cheesy photos of the dead one. seriously, what is with cnn's obsession with beef cake bombers? does ted turner have a fetish for men in trunks? exploring the brotherly bonds of terrorists is like looking at the health benefits of cyanide or nerve gas. do you think they explod

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